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Purchase Guide
This Purchase Guide has been designed to help home buyers narrow down options in order to buy quicker and smarter. With complete accurate results stating your individual needs, our expert loan and realty partners begin working for you. 


Purchase Resource

Home Purchase Resources

"For 30 years, we make home purchases incredibly simple. As it should be..."

What you will need in order to purchase a home:
(1) - A stable income.
(2) - A good credit history.
(3) - A down payment /closing cost – Generally 3.5% - 20% of the purchase price.
4. Misc - if needed

Loan Qualification/Pre-Approval Checklist
"Good Loan Qualification Makes Purchase Easy"
1. Tax Return For Last 2 Years
2. Bank Statements For Last 2 Months
3. Current Paystub
4. Credit authorization
5. Misc - if needed
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Home Purchase Process
1. Get a Realtor & Loan Officer
2. Get a mortgage pre-approval
3. Look at homes with realtor
4. Choose your desired home
5. Secure loan funding arrangements
6. Make an offer
7. Inspect Property and submit loan items
8. Close your transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long is the home buying period once purchase offer is accepted? 
What is earnest money deposit?
What are closing costs on a home purchase?
How Much money will i need upfront?
Who pays for escrow and title fees?
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